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"Vascular Differentiation and Remodeling"

Mannheim - Heidelberg - Frankfurt

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Dr. Yvonne Reiss and
Prof. Dr. Karl H. Plate

Institute of Neurology/Edinger Institute
Frankfurt University Medical School
Heinrich-Hoffmann-Str. 7

D-60528 Frankfurt

Phone: 0049 (0)69 6301 84155

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C1: Role of Angiopoietins in brain vascular homeostasis
We previously gained evidence that Ang-1 and -2 exhibit adverse functions on the recruitment of inflammatory cells. In particular, Ang-2 promotes the infiltration of myeloid cells upon enduring expression in settings of inflammation and experimental tumors. Ang-1, in contrast, is able to antagonize these effects. Brain endothelial cells constitute an important barrier that prevents influx of cells and substances into the brain. We hypothesize that antagonizing functions of Ang-1 and -2 play an important role in regulating the blood-brain barrier (BBB). We therefore plan to investigate the effects of continuous Ang-2 signaling on the BBB functions in health and disease.
Last update: July 2013