SFB / Transregio 23
"Vascular Differentiation and Remodeling"

Mannheim - Heidelberg - Frankfurt

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Prof. Dr. Stefanie Dimmeler

Institut für Kardiovaskuläre Regeneration
Zentrum für Molekulare Medizin
Goethe-Universität Frankfurt
Theodor-Stern-Kai 7
D-60590 Frankfurt

Phone: 0049 (0)69 6301 6667

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A10: Role of shear stress-induced microRNAs in vessel maturation
MicroRNAs are small non-coding RNAs that regulate gene expression by inhibiting translation or inducting degradation of the targeted mRNAs. Recent studies suggest that microRNA control angiogenesis, however, the involvement of microRNAs in vessel maturation has not been fully elucidated. Here, we propose to determine whether shear stress-induced endothelial microRNAs control the interaction of ECs with pericytes. Specifically, we plan to study the regulation of endothelial-pericyte interaction in vitro and vessel maturation in vivo by the shear stress-induced microRNAs miR-27a/b and the miR-30 family and their predicted targets namely semaphorins and angiopoietin-2.
Last update: July 2013